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When is the best time to sell?

Houses aren’t selling as quickly as they used to and the market remains cautious and uncertain. Gone are the days where any house at any price is likely to sell.
So it’s more important than ever to price each property sensitively and realistically to the market. That’s not to say it should be sold for less than its worth, rather it means that if you are committed to sell, it needs to be priced accurately.

Beware the unprofessional Agent who overprices to win your business. Achieving a Sale at an Inflated level will never happen and will simply cause your property to stagnate for months with the only solution being to drastically reduce the price. Even that might not work, as would-be buyers might still be concerned and wonder what is wrong with the house, and ask themselves why hasn’t it sold ? All because an Agent has overpriced to get you on board.

Getting a realistic valuation from a qualified and highly trained Agent with experience of the local area and the local market is essential.
A realistic value should result in a quicker, smoother and less stressful sale.

Seasonal change influences house sales

January can be a good time to sell. The Christmas break can provide families and buyers time to reflect on their own circumstances and review their requirements. With most buyers returning to work early in January, it can often result in increased buyer activity levels.
Spring is popular too. Largely because family buyers wish to purchase and settle into their new home, in readiness for the start of the new School year in September, should the children be moving School. Additionally, the longer days provide more opportunity for viewings and with the warmer weather many buyers may be feeling more positive and Gardens are looking at their best with flowers blooming.

Autumn too, can be very popular. Families and buyers have returned to work after their Summer Holidays and if they wish to be occupying their new home in time for Christmas and the New Year, they will need to buy in or around September. This window is short – so you may need to be particularly sensitive with your asking price to attract a buyer and secure your sale.

Ultimately, the time you go to market with your home will be when it best suits you and your circumstances. If you are on the market at a realistic price, with a good, knowledgeable, Local Agent, and the Marketing of your property is top quality, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sell. Please see the Selling Page to learn what Henry’s does differently, to get you the best price, more quickly, and with less stress.

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Sarah Minion Testimonial

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Henry’s Estate Agents to anyone thinking about selling their property. David’s wealth of experience was very clear from the start and provided an excellent service throughout.

W K Testimonial

Can’t recommend David enough from Henry’s Estate Agents. David’s regular check ins through out the purchase of my new property, knowing where everything was ‘at’, was very reassuring. I cannot fault the service I received from David as a buyer, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in the area.

Rachael Adam Testimonial

We would highly recommend David of Henry’s Estate Agents. From the first contact to completion David gave us an honest, professional and personalised service. He was always at the end of the phone and took the time to talk us through each stage of our sale. He was brilliant liaising with the solicitors to hurry the process along, ensuring that nothing got in the way of our move. Great Guy, Great Service.

Expert Local Knowledge and Experience

Having lived in Biggleswade since the early 90’s we know the area very well. We have great local knowledge and specialise in properties in Biggleswade and the surrounding area.

Experienced Negotiators!

With over 30 years experience of successfully negotiating with buyers we can achieve the best price for your property.