Before You Buy - A Buyer's Guide

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Everything you need to know to get started on the road to buying your dream home

Property to sell? Get it on the market and under offer

This is the first rule for buyers with a property to sell.
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If you are under offer with a completed lower chain, you are ready to proceed once you’ve found your perfect home. You will also be able to negotiate on price for your purchase which could save you £ thousands. On the other hand, if you are not under offer, you may have to offer the full asking price for your purchase to be considered, and may also suffer the heartache of losing your dream purchase to a competitor buyer if they are better positioned than you. (Completed lower chain, or nothing to sell).

Make yourself available for viewings

Desirable properties which are well priced, will generate huge interest. Enquire and get an early viewing as soon as possible – before it gets sold!

Consider a second or third viewing

If your first viewing was mid-day on a week day, try viewing later in the afternoon/evening or at the weekend. This may give you a better idea about the ease of parking, the street scene, whether it’s the quiet area you thought it was, etc.

Condition of the Property

If you are buying with a mortgage, your survey is likely to highlight any significant issues and if any issues are uncovered you may be able to renegotiate. Look beyond a poorly presented property which has mainly cosmetic issues and try to imagine how you can improve it. The vendor will know it may not be presented perfectly and you may be able to secure it at a good price. Take a look at the floorplan. You may be able to reconfigure the property to meet your own requirements. Other buyers may not have this foresight and may simply walk away, perhaps missing out on their perfect property due to a lack of vision.

Are you ready to buy?

1. Get your lower chain complete!

If you’ve got a property to sell, is it under offer, and do you have a completed lower chain? If not, you’re not ready to buy.
If you are a first time buyer, well you are in a great position so read on.

2. Get a decision in principle (DIP) from your lender

You will be looking for the cheapest possible Mortgage to match your requirements so speak to a Financial Adviser who can arrange mortgages with a wide range of lenders. You will be asked to provide evidence you have funds in place to support any offer you make, so have your DIP available. 

3. Speak to solicitor, we can help!

Once you’ve made an offer, speak with your solicitor, and be to proceed if your offer is accepted. The selling Agent and their seller will see this as an indication that you are serious and ready to proceed. This can position you ahead of another buyer.

If you’d like a quote from our Recommended Solicitor, please contact us on the “Contact us” page.

Research the location

Ask an expert who knows about the area, perhaps a reputable local Estate Agent, not the one selling the property, or your potential new neighbour about the location, specifically, the neighbourhood, the Schools, Shopping amenities, Public Transport, Leisure facilities and other factors that may be important to you, to ensure your proposed purchase matches your expectations.

Research Property Prices

Research what similar nearby properties have actually sold for recently, to gve you an indication of whether the asking price seems reasonable. If you notice a property appears to be particularly competitively priced ask the selling Agent if there is anything you need to know about it? Are there any issues with the property? It may simply be that the vendor needs to sell it quickly, or perhaps the property could be a Part-Exchange so the Builder wants a quick sale. Don’t rule these out as they may be amongst the best value houses on the market.

Negotiate the right price

No-one wants to spend more than they need to. So if you’ve found your dream home and it seems fairly priced, do consider your finances carefully with a view of offering as much as you are comfortable with. This may be the asking price. This gives you the best possible chance of securing the property without running the risk of being outbid. For particularly popular properties in desirable locations, which have achieved a lot of interest, you may even need to offer over the asking price, to be successful

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Great value service, and low fees!

Henry’s Estate Agents flat fees offer much better value than High Street Estate Agents. And with no VAT to pay you save another 20%

Sarah Minion Testimonial

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Henry’s Estate Agents to anyone thinking about selling their property. David’s wealth of experience was very clear from the start and provided an excellent service throughout.

W K Testimonial

Can’t recommend David enough from Henry’s Estate Agents. David’s regular check ins through out the purchase of my new property, knowing where everything was ‘at’, was very reassuring. I cannot fault the service I received from David as a buyer, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in the area.

Rachael Adam Testimonial

We would highly recommend David of Henry’s Estate Agents. From the first contact to completion David gave us an honest, professional and personalised service. He was always at the end of the phone and took the time to talk us through each stage of our sale. He was brilliant liaising with the solicitors to hurry the process along, ensuring that nothing got in the way of our move. Great Guy, Great Service.

Expert Local Knowledge and Experience

Having lived in Biggleswade since the early 90’s we know the area very well. We have great local knowledge and specialise in properties in Biggleswade and the surrounding area.

Experienced Negotiators!

With over 30 years experience of successfully negotiating with buyers we can achieve the best price for your property.