Preparing for Viewings

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General Preparation

  • Clean your house fully
  • Clear away any clutter
  • Clear all paperwork – especially anything you wouldn’t want others to see
  • Review the pictures on your walls – do they give a good impression?
  • Replace any blown lightbulbs and consider adding additional lighting for the photographs and during viewings
  • Clean the windows and window sills – viewers are likely to want to look out to see what the view from the property is
  • Hide all wires, chargers and unsightly plugs – especially for your photographs – it’s amazing what gets missed in the background
  • Tidy away children’s toys as best as possible – especially outside of their rooms
  • Get some plug in air fresheners or diffusers to create a pleasant smell in the property
  • Put away ANYTHING you wouldn’t want a ‘stranger’ to move

Living Room

  • Clear fires/fireplaces or if relevant you could light them
  • Plump up all cushions and straighten curtains
  • Make sure you tidy up this room to give the best feeling of space
  • Consider getting some throws or cushions if you need to brighten up the room


  • Tidy up the work surfaces – put away all food or packets, dishes and other general worktop clutter
  • If you’re short on space, then move things out for the photographs so you can give the appearance of an uncluttered work space
  • Make sure the room is clean and all dishes are put away
  • For viewings try to make the cupboards as tidy as possible – people will be interested in the storage space in the room and are likely to look in


  • Make sure beds are made and look attractive
  • Consider getting new bedlinen and curtains if you think it would make your room look brighter or bigger
  • Make sure all clothes are put away and tidy and all dirty washing is in a basket or hidden away
  • Clear tops of wardrobes and under beds
  • If you are short on space, and do have boxes under the beds or on wardrobes, then move or cover them for the photographs


  • Make sure your bathroom is clean and free from clutter
  • Make sure bath mats and towels are clean and tidy
  • Put all bottles, sponges and cloths away
  • Try to keep the bath and shower areas as free from clutter as possible


  • Make sure the garden or outdoor area is tidy
  • Quickly remove any obvious weeds that may be growing on the way to the house
  • If possible/necessary cut the grass and tidy the borders
  • Bring in any washing off the line and tidy up any toys or other garden clutter
  • Make sure your bins are tidied away
  • Be ready to move your car off the drive

Getting the photography right

It’s amazing what you can spot once the photos are taken or how different your property looks through a lens. Take advice from your estate agent, the photographers and friends on what they see when they look at your property and what they think you could do to make it look better.

Also, if possible, review the photographs as they’re being taken and if necessary make changes to get better images. It’s surprising how wires, wonky pictures and hidden clutter can make their way in!

Getting the viewings right

The tip to a good viewing is staying on top of all the good work you’ll have done for the initial photographs. Try to keep on top of the clutter and the cleaning. If that’s not possible given your busy life and a full house, then make an effort before the viewing to make your property look it’s best again. Remember first impressions count and could make the difference on the price you’re offered. You also never know which viewing your buyer will come from.

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